History & Culture Giro Cycle

Price: $175.00

Myra Canyon is a box canyon about a kilometer wide. In 1910, when engineer Andrew McCulloch tackled the challenge of getting the Kettle Valley Railway across this canyon, he knew it would not be easy. He was right. He literally had to hang his railway from the side of the surrounding mountains, requiring the construction of 19 trestles and the laying of 11 kilometers of track. He later commented that he had, "never seen a railway built in such difficult conditions." Join us for this ride along an engineering miracle. Our host, railway engineer Kevin Witzke (who helped reconstruct the trestles after the 2003 fire) will give you an unforgettable glimpse of the challenges that lay before the K.V.R. construction crew over 100 years ago. We'll do an out and back from the Myra parking lot, as the scenery (and story) is completely different each way.

Optional Gourmet Picnic Lunch at Ruth Station Parking Lot

Includes shuttle to and from Penticton to Myra Parking Lot

Includes Bike Rental, Snacks & Tastings, Guided Tour.

Enroute Support and Shuttle Transportation Included

Lunch Optional: $25 extra

History & Culture Giro Cycle

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